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Press Release

Conner Contemporary Art is delighted to participate in VOLTA NY 2012 (stand B7) presenting 3 performances by DC-based artist Wilmer Wilson IV.


Wilmer Wilson IV appropriates objects common to his socio-economic experience, manipulating their original intention to absurd degrees. For the three durational performances mounted at VOLTA NY, the artist creates a second skin by sculpturally covering his entire body with stickers. Wilson then flays his skin of stickers in an intensive act of self-immolation. Employing printed materials endorsed by the American government or political system, the performances engage issues surrounding freedom, authenticity, and vulnerability. Voted uses ‘I Voted’ stickers, typically handed out after a citizen has cast a ballot; Legalize uses legal notary seals; and Henry Box Brown uses postage stamps. The Self Portrait photographs, which document the performances, add further depth through their sensitivity to body language and ego.

Thursday, March 8th: 11am – 7pm
Friday, March 9th: 11am – 7pm
Saturday, March 10th: 11am – 7pm


Wilmer Wilson IV's work may also be seen Spring 2012:
>Conner Contemporary Art - solo exhibition: Domestic Exchange, March 17 - May 5, 2012, Washington, DC. performance: Saturday, March 17th, 5 - 8pm
>5 x 5, Washington, DC - public art project supported by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, April 2012. performance information to be announced. 

For more information: 202-588-8750 /