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Press Release



January 12 – February 24, 2007


Conner Contemporary Art is pleased to present embedded, a new series by prominent Swedish artist Maria Friberg in her third solo show with the gallery. In a video triptych and still photographs Friberg deepens her celebrated exploration of constructs of masculine power to create a pictorial allegory of the relationship between nature and human culture in the contemporary world. 


In Friberg's elegant pictures, three men lie in billowy white material. Their enclosed context suggests protection, yet also infers confinement and isolation. The figures move slowly, each forming part of a constant flow, like icebergs floating on the horizon. Half asleep, half awake, they embody states of existence between the realms of nature and culture. 


The artist explains, "The men come from all parts of the world, a world where everyone is both unique and replaceable. The images are about natural beauty, but also about the way the world is slowly collapsing." She elaborates, "They are about knowledge and power, about the impossibility of seeing the big picture, in private life as well as in the world at large. In contemporary society, information itself is embedded - it is simultaneously out in the open and hidden away, paradoxically wrapped around itself." 


There will be an opening night reception Friday, January 12 from 6 to 8pm.

The artist will be in attendance.


The gallery is also pleased to announce Discuss 7: Saturday, January 13th from 3 to 4pm, with gallery artists Maria Friberg and Julee Holcombe in conversation on women in contemporary photography.


Now in its second year, the Discuss series continues to go beyond the typical artist talk format, pairing gallery artists in conversation with each other as well as their peers, outside curators and collectors concerning the gallery current exhibit and their artistic modes of practice.