Maria Friberg | Dean Kessman

March 20 – May 8, 2010

MARIA FRIBERG_transmission

transmission (video still)
2010, video, run time: 3:40 seconds, ed: 6.

MARIA FRIBERG_transmission 2_Transmission

transmission 2
2010, c-print, 102 x 54 inches, ed: 3.

MARIA FRIBERG_transmission 6_Transmission

transmission 6
2010, c-print, 60 x 30 inches, ed: 5.

MARIA FRIBERG_alongside us 6_Transmission

alongside us 6
2007, cibachrome, 46 x 59 inches, ed: 5.

MARIA FRIBERG_alongside us 1_Transmission

alongside us 1
2007, cibachrome, 36 x 98 inches, ed: 5.

DEAN KESSMANN_Intersecting Data: Light/Dark_Art as Paper as Potential

Intersecting Data: Light/Dark (triptych, center panel)
2009, duratrans in lightbox, 48 x 84 inches, unique.

DEAN KESSMANN_Shifting Dimensions: Begin/End_Art as Paper as Potential

Shifting Dimensions: Begin/End
2009, video projection, dimensions variable, ed: 3.

February 25, 2010


Maria Friberg: transmission
Dean Kessmann: Art as Paper as Potential
March 20 – May 8, 2010


Conner Contemporary Art is pleased to announce two concurrent solo exhibitions featuring new photographs and videos by Maria Friberg, of Sweden, and Dean Kessmann, of Washington, DC. For each artist, this is the fourth solo show with the gallery.    

In transmission, Maria Friberg re-frames the automobile as a sign for ambivalent concepts, such as progress and environmental threat, social hierarchy and economic instability, and male power and uncertainty. In her video and photographs, Friberg presents various makes and models of cars, from below, displacing their most familiar features, and exposing their seemingly vulnerable undersides. Filming moving cars against a clear sky, the artist achieves a dream-like effect, while underscoring the relation between man and nature, which forms a major theme in her oeuvre. Her focus on man’s place in the natural world is amplified in alongside us, a recent series of large-scale photographs of men suspended on branches of trees, also on view.   


Dean Kessmann construes blank sheets of paper as potential sites for creation with words or images in Art as Paper as Potential. Scanning 365 sheets of blank paper, the artist created an installation with digital prints, transparencies, and video. He explains, “The predominant motive for working digitally on this piece grew out of my interest in translating these tactile sheets of paper into purely digital information, which, after being filtered through the virtual realm, is output, once again, into material form.” Identifying each page with a day in the calendar, Kessmann constructs a visual metaphor of an artist’s working year. “This project,” the artist imparts, “Is about the daily practice of making art, an act of giving and receiving.”


There will be an opening night reception, Saturday, March 20th from 6 to 8pm.

Artists in attendance. 


For further information or images, please contact the gallery @ 202-588-8750 /