June / July 2015

Maria Friberg_trace



2014, pigment print on acid free semigloss cotton paper, silicon glas face mounted, aluminum back, 10.63 x 15.75 inches, ed: 10. 

June 22, 2015



June / July 2015


CONNERSMITH. is very pleased to announce the online exhibition of Maria Friberg’s video, “Erna” and photograph, “Trace”- works commissioned by the Hasselblad Foundation in memory of Erna Hasselblad.


Inspired by the iconic photographs of footprints on the moon, Maria Friberg photographed the impressions made by high-heeled shoes in the lava sand of Iceland. Friberg’s captivating imagery draws a moving parallel between the circumstances that no woman has yet walked on the moon, and that texts crediting her husband Victor neglect Erna’s contributions to the success of the Hasselblad brand. This work is now part of the Hasselblad Foundation collection.


Upcoming online exhibitions include: Academy 2015, the Gallery’s annual MFA / BFA invitational group show.