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Press Release

Conner Contemporary Art is pleased to present the digital light sculpture of New York based new media artist Leo Villareal in his first solo exhibition + installation in Washington, DC. 


Though created technologically, Villareal creates light works that are imbued with an organic, living quality. The numerical sequences of the artist's programming are manifested as pulsing light, inviting the viewer to search out patterns and rhythms that are familiar and that correspond to the natural world. The sculptures breathe, throb, pound, and whisper …. the results are both mesmerizing and sensational.


The patterns in Villareal's light pieces occur on many levels - in the structure of the work, in the colors of the bulbs, and in the rhythm of the pulsing lights. Villareal employs all of these elements to create complex, layered systems that explore both spatial and temporal resolution. The works in the exhibition will share underlying structures but also take on unique personalities through variations in form and scale. 


During the exhibition, the gallery front windows overlooking Connecticut Avenue in historic Dupont Circle will be taken over by a grid installation of constantly changing rhythmic patterns of the light. This unique installation is currently in formation.