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Sculpture Magazine Social Skins and Other Constructs: A Conversation with Wilmer Wilson IVJuly/August 2018

by Sarah Tanguy

Published by the International Sculpture Center

Art in America First Look: Wilmer Wilson IVMay 1, 2018

by Erica Dawn Lyle 

The Financial Times New Museum Triennial: a chorus of dissenting voices (Wilmer Wilson IV)February 23, 2018
The New York Times The New Museum Triennial looks Great, But Plays it SafeFebruary 22, 2018

American artist Wilmer Wilson IV ... From a distance, the effect is gorgeous: an Impressionism of gleaming steel. Up close, though, you zero in on the individual staples and get a sense of the material violation they cause. Whether you see the figures — the bodies — underneath, and whether you consider them to have been assaulted or exalted by their metal overlay, will depend on how Fromclose to them, in every sense, you stand. 

The Washington Post Two Visual artists, worlds - and Centuries Apart ( Erik Thor Sandberg)February 22, 2018

... what draws the eye are the artist’s idiosyncratic scenarios — he calls his style “magic realism” — and extraordinary skill. Such paintings as “Transition” and “Blinded,” which are among the simplest in composition, demonstrate a superb ability to render light, shadow and the delicacy of human skin. Sandberg’s work is rich in metaphor, but also in sheer physicality. 

The New York Times Meet Six Disrupters at New Museum's Triennial (Wilmer Wilson IV)February 2, 2018


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Studio International Expo Chicago 2017October 15 2017
Psychic News Psychical Research: An Artistic ViewOctober 2017

Susan MacWilliam's touring show explores its people and phenomena. 

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The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly.com That guy walking the streets of Philly with a TV? He's art. Others will follow.

April 4, 2017

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