Kenny Hunter | Nathaniel Rogers

May 30 – July 25, 2009

KENNY HUNTER_Like Water in Water
KENNY HUNTER_The Unknown_Like Water in Water
KENNY HUNTER_Yield Brother_Like Water for Water
KENNY HUNTER_Roche Rooks_Like Water for Water
KENNY HUNTER_Atomic Field_Like Water for Water
KENNY HUNTER_A Shout in the Street and Get Drunk Stand Naked_Like Water in Water
NATHANIEL ROGERS_Jack Horner (The Last Viking)_The Last Viking
NATHANIEL ROGERS_Owl and Pussycat Get Married_The Last Viking
NATHANIEL ROGERS_Dumpty_The Last Viking
NATHANIEL ROGERS_Nimble Jack_The Last Viking
NATHANIEL ROGERS_Foo Foo_The Last Viking
KENNY HUNTER_Like Water in Water_Conner Contemporary Art
KENNY HUNTER_Like Water in Water_Conner Contemporary Art
KENNY HUNTER_Like Water in Water_Conner Contemporary Art
NATHANIEL ROGERS_The Last Viking_Conner Contemporary Art
NATHANIEL ROGERS_The Last Viking_Conner Contemporary Art

May 14, 2009


KENNY HUNTER: Like Water in Water
May 30 – July 25, 2009


Conner Contemporary Art is delighted to present Like Water in Water, an exhibition of new sculptures and screenprints by Kenny Hunter and The Last Viking, an exhibition of new paintings by Nathaniel Rogers.


In his third solo-exhibition with the gallery, renowned Scottish artist Kenny Hunter alters conventions of monumental sculpture to describe tensions between the natural world and the man-made environment. In his signature style, the artist reveals nature’s adaptations to human encroachment. In the title piece, "Like Water in Water," a young stag gracefully steps through a discarded tire, as it crosses an imaginary pool of water. Hunter’s screenprints of philosophical and poetic quotes mediate our reflection on the theme of survival amid cycles of production and decay.


With his first solo-exhibition, The Last Viking, Nathaniel Rogers moves from *gogo art projects into our roster of gallery artists. Rogers updates Old World nursery rhymes, creating a series of oil paintings on wood panel filled with humorous insight on human folly. Attributes including toys and animals allude to “The Owl and the Pussycat,” and other tales, which Rogers identifies with current issues, such as the definition of marriage. Intensifying scenes with vivid depictions of fire, the artist romanticizes destruction popularized in action films and video games.


An opening night reception will be held Saturday, May 30th: 6-8pm.

Artists in attendance.

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